Who is Amy

Amy is an avid traveller and lifelong health and wellness coach, motivating and inspiring those who cross paths with her.

Amy's journey

Amy has lived most of her life travelling the world and ticking off her bucket list, all whilst focussing on being self reliant and resilient to achieve her goals.  

Amy’s journey began backpacking around Australia alone and living life truly free and focussing on making her dreams a reality in her late teens. After travelling around Australia and manifesting the life she wanted, she moved to the UK, which opened the doorway for her to discover parts of Europe.

Amy did eventually return back to Australia after two years, choosing the sunshine coast to call home, she even gave married life a go, wasting no time she enrolled and studied her interest in sports massage therapy, in an attempt to adhere to the mainstream view of settling down, after 5 years on the sunshine coast and delving into aspects of property purchase, career and marriage, Amy felt a shift and the realisation that having the big house and the material things is far from hitting all connections within life, firmly believing there’s more on a broader concept about constant transitions, movements and transformations. 

Amy broke away from the mainstream social status, once again being free from all ties in 2013, she commenced living as a minimalist and has proven that by living this lifestyle she has embraced freedom, not only from clutter but financially, Amy suggests that since making this change she has gained much more from life, holding superficial items less valuable and no longer feeling the weight off unnecessary responsibilities.

By being a self proclaimed minimalist, Amy has been living a nomadic life in different destinations abroad and building on her health and wellness experience, being someone that can naturally boost an individual to notice their abilities, Amy decided to undergo formal qualifications as a Life Coach.

Amy, as a life coach has helped many seek out more positive alternatives to their life, from weight loss, reducing anxiety, breaking bad or old habits and installing the strong beliefs in others that they can pursue any aspects of their life’s journey and succeed with implementing the right tools necessary. 

Amy, as a life coach has helped many seek out more positive alternatives to their life

Amy is passionate about freedom, coaching and helping others to find their freedom, core internal needs and purpose in life. 

We all have meaning and purpose, it’s just about digging deep and discovering yourself, time is of the essence, don’t waste time dreaming to make strong foundations on happiness, health, personalised growth in abundance as freedom is more than just traveling to different countries, freedom is about being truly happy within yourself and making sure you are living your hearts true needs and live life as your hearts desire.